Why The Zigan Group?

Why The Zigan Group for Property Management

Your investment property is a valuable asset. The successful control and enhancement of your assets is our goal. Entrust the management of that asset to an organization that provides the full-time attention it deserves. With a clear understanding of the Columbus and surrounding markets, The Zigan Group provides investors with property administration and the ability to optimize their investment. We provide our clients with solid communications regarding legal guidelines, insurance, taxes and financial reporting.

Every aspect of our business was built with the goal of maximizing returns for investors. As you buy investment property,The Zigan Group can help estimate the market rent, promptly rent it to the appropriate tenant, and manage it with the understanding that your investment property is an important source of income. Working with The Zigan Group offers investors the opportunity to work with a partner who understands their goals. We enable investors to understand their returns and profitability, allowing them to see the whole picture in order to make informed decisions.


Maximizing rental income

Controlling expenditures

Institutional-quality financial reporting

Budget preparation

Interior & exterior repairs

Maintenance & renovations

Leasing & occupancy

Renewals & increases

Payables & collections

24-7 call support


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